domingo, 21 de abril de 2013

Week 1. Comments on Instremia ed-lab video

These are some ideas that came across as I watched the video:
Watching the description on Instremia was very interesting. The  authors of this software ( Scott and Ryan)  have developed what it seems an easy way to create exercises automatically. This is really outstanding.
It offers lots of ways for students to identify the words, the sounds or words, the contexts of vocabulary ( as far as tense, topic, etc.)
Students can submit assignments and get inmediate feedback, interact with others.  I loved the idea of native volunteer teachers helping check students productions.
High frequency words is the criteria for vocabulary selection .

Being a language teacher  I have constantly come across linguistics theoretical  readings which claim that language learning should be in chunks rather than isolated words . Instremia does not follow this principle, but does it work anyway?
It seems that learning the words in multiple contexts helps learners to understand and maybe associate the words with others ( collocations as we call them).

It was clear that the best scenario for using Instremia  is blended learning

I am a native Spanish speaker , teach English as foreign language and I would love to learn German using Instreamia to view and reflect on my own learning process.

Loved the presentation.

miércoles, 10 de abril de 2013

Hello everyone,
I am an English as a foreign language teacher in Mexico. I teach English at highschool level. In the last years, the UNAM ( National University of Mexico), institution where I work,    has provided a lot of teacher training to make the integration of technology in our classrooms a reality.
In addition, self-acess centers have been opened with all types of material and  commercial software for independent study. Our programs establish 20 hours of independent study at the self-acess center as part of the requirements.
I work as a tutor in the self-access center too, and my main task is to design and promote activities which students enjoy to practice English.

I believe in empowering students with technology as it allows them freedom of choice and motivation.
I am thrilled to be in this course and learn from others as well as learning about  Instreamia.
In this picture, I  am with a colleague and some students in the self-acess center.
We are playing pictionary.

My native language is Spanish.
I myself have improved my English skills and learned about various topics through podcasts.
I like to listen to podcasts (mostly from the BBC) while I work out.
In my free time , I try to exercise , I  love playing tennis on weekends and  I enjoy outdoor activities such as walking and hiking .
I am sure this course will be a memorable experience with such an enthusiastic community.